Master Pigments is an online business dedicated to preparing and selling high-quality, traditional artists' pigments, meticulously crafted from natural minerals using authentic purification and refinement processes.

Founded with inspiration from the techniques of the old masters, Master Pigments emerged from a desire to recapture the captivating surface effects often lost in modern synthetic paints. Inorganic pigments, created by crushing and grinding minerals, exhibit unique particle sizes and shapes. These characteristics produce a multifaceted, multi-layered surface where light interacts in various ways, resulting in a lively, vibrant appearance. In contrast, organic pigments, with their uniformly shaped particles produced through chemical reactions, form a flat, solid layer with less transparency.

Since its inception, Master Pigments has seen a growing number of artists return to making their own paint. This practice not only results in vibrant and dynamic artworks but also allows artists to develop a deeper understanding of their materials and color properties. Additionally, it offers an opportunity to engage in an authentic, centuries-old tradition of paint making.

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