Introducing our exquisite collection of oil paints, born from the artisanal craftmanship of our 'Via Gazo' production.

Since the inception of our online pigment emporium in 2010, I've balanced my daily profession with a passionate pursuit: meticulously handcrafting pigments from scratch. Motivated by a deep love for art, I delved into the realms of traditional materials, guided by a community of fellow enthusiasts and modern innovations. Through perseverance, I overcame the challenges inherent in crafting classical hues, birthing the 'Via GAZO' line of oil paints.

Central to this endeavor was the development of a method that minimizes contamination during pigment grinding and cleaning. Utilizing ceramic rollers in lieu of metallic counterparts, I ensured each pigment was milled into paints with utmost purity. The result? A collection where every hue boasts distinct properties, derived from its unique pigment composition.

Meticulously ground in linseed and walnut oils, our paints exhibit a refined texture, balancing fine grit without veering into excessive coarseness or monotony. Yet, sourcing the optimal oil proved a journey fraught with setbacks. Ultimately, through traditional hand washing and cleansing techniques, I attained linseed oil of unparalleled purity. This lean, fast-drying medium, devoid of driers or cooking, preserves the original essence of our paints.

The journey of formulation and testing was arduous but unyielding, for this vision is one I refuse to compromise. Our foremost commitment lies in crafting paints devoid of extenders or additives, thereby preserving their intrinsic properties. They harmonize seamlessly with the artist's chosen mediums, unlocking boundless realms of color and creativity.

Step into a world where hues transcend pigment, where each stroke tells a story of passion and dedication. Welcome to 'Via Gazo'—where artistry knows no bounds.

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