Master Pigments is a web-based business that prepares and sells high-quality, traditional artists' pigments, expertly prepared from natural minerals in authentic processes of purification and refinement.

Inspired by the work of the old masters, the company was founded following experiments to recapture an enticing surface effect lost by modern synthetic paints. Particles of organic pigments, attained by crushing and grinding minerals, are idiosyncratic in size and shape, creating a multifaceted, multi-layered surface through which light travels and reflects in a number of directions as a lively, vibrant surface. In contrast, inorganic pigments, made up of physically similar particles—the result of the uniform chemical reaction that created them—create a flat, solid layer with comparatively little transparency.

Since its inception, Master Pigments has seen an increase in the number of artists returning to homemade paint. In addition to the exuberant end results and a deeper familiarity with the material and its colour properties that self-making paint allows the artist, it also gives them the opportunity to engage in an authentic, centuries old painterly custom.

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