The oil paints from our 'Via Gazo' production.

After opening the online pigment store in 2010, I was working my daily job and on the side I kept making by hand my own pigments from scratch. I kept developing additional materials from the 'old' world driven mostly by the passion for art. With the help of like minded individuals and modern technologies, I was able to conquer challenges associated with making traditional colors and create my own line of oil paints 'Via GAZO'. After developing a minimally contaminating method for grinding and cleaning minerals into pigments, I used the same principle for milling pigments into paints by using the ceramic rollers in my mill instead of the metal ones.

Each paint has its own unique properties based on the pigment used. Milled to perfection in linseed oil, benefiting from variety of pigment particle sizes, the paint keeps a very fine grit without being overly gritty or completely flat/dull. Finding the 'right' oil was another challenge and the progress was delayed many times. The linseed oil I use is hand washed and cleaned by traditional technique. This technique produces a very lean, fast drying oil without use of driers or cooking. The developing process and testing of paints is time consuming and a very long road, but this is a dream of mine I'm not willing to compromise. My main priority is to create the paint without using extenders or additives so that the paint therefore keeps its original properties and extensively benefits from painting mediums used by an artist. They are easily mixable with oil painting medium of your choice. The paints created this way open-up completely new color dimensions in creativity, the world beyond the color.

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